so on april 1 2012 i started getting feelings for this girl named cheyenne nicole tooker it was a week filled with getting high and making some pretty dumb disicions at the time which then turned out to be the best thing in the world but me and her hit it off pretty damn good and we started dating yupp 4812 ha after dealing with complications of the fact that she was my “bestfriends” girlfriend it turned out to be a pretty damn amazing relationship and weve been dating for ten months now almost eleven but we have a problems just like everyone else so we “broke” up not really just got into a fight but she said it was over and now she wants me to ask her back out so here it is…. cheyenne nicole tooker the love of my life and the girl that i find to be extremly attractive and imperfectly perfect in every single way possible the girl who can make me smile on my saddest days and the girl who i love oh so freaking dearly forever and here on after will you please spend the rest of your life with me i cant see my life in any other way youre all i want and more all i need so will you go out with me? <3 and in a couple years from now will you marry me?


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The most followed love blog on Tumblr.

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